Ashley de Prazer-photographer
A new inter-generational dance/theatre work inspired by Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. This production is an intimate, provocative, humorous and compelling new work that has as its central theme the powerful, but often awkward relationship between a father and a son.

The Rite of Spring - with Nijinsky and Stravinsky as original creators, has had numerous adaptations moving away from the original story of a Russian pagan spring ritual where 'the chosen' one dances herself to death. In this production we have chosen to explore the 'rite of passage' being that journey from boyhood to manhood, and how this is experienced in the relationships between fathers and sons.

Rites explores these contemporary themes in an interplay between contemporary dance-theatre and object theatre.

Performers: Stefan and Yvan Karlsson
Direction/Dramaturgy: Sally Richardson
Choreography: Stefan Karlsson & Danielle Micich
Lighting:Mike Nanning
Set/Costume: Matt McVeigh
Composition/Sound: Ash Gibson Grieg.

Produced in association with Performing Lines WA

Creative Development: Perth, April/May 2009
Work-in-progress showing: May 3, 2009