Road Trip

Executive Producer: Paul McGill

Writer/Director: Sally Richardson

Production Designer: Adam Gardnir

Associate Director: Derek Ives

Senior Artist: Matt Wilson

An Idea

Our aim is to create a bold and brand new circus show Road Trip based on, you guessed it, an Aussie road trip!

The People

A selected group of emerging Australian circus artists, and physical theatre practitioners are collaborating with an outstanding design and production team on this original work being produced by Maakan Productions, and written and directed by Sally Richardson.

We know our circus and physical theatre performers are world class and we want to galvanize this diverse, fiercely independent, and often disparate community; building a strong ensemble of youthful performers supported by an outstanding and equally diverse team of innovative and experienced creators.

Our performers are real people, with real life experience, all different, individually skilled and talented, and yet essential to each other, group of friends.

The Style

This is new circus; multi-skilled with a strong performance edge; embracing experimentation, improvisation, and risk taking. It is entertaining, fun, and energised and suitable for the broadest of possible audiences. We are experimenting with the integration of contemporary choreography and circus physical performance languages with the aim to communicate a cohesive and engaging narrative. The resulting work will feature bold physical character roles created by vibrant, individual, highly skilled performers. It will experiment with the creation of a dynamic rigging and inventive construction in/off and around the performance environment. It will seek to engage with new forms of multi-media; recorded and live vision interacting with sound in new and surprising ways.

Great circus, Great music, Great fun. Imaginative, inventive, and always playful!

We see this work being presented in a theatre context and available to tour locally, nationally, and internationally

Workshop development May 2011 (Melbourne) supported by Full Tilt - Victorian Arts Centre