This is not my country
The sun has disappeared
There is no womb
I do not bleed
I cannot carry
I have no name
I have no family

No one answers when I call out, or listens when I speak.
No one here...hears...and the bodies they disappear.
(from Trigger Warning)

TRIGGER WARNING Trailer 4min from Steamworks Arts on Vimeo.

Premiered at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts - August 2016

Performer: Hayley McElhinney
Writer/Director: Sally Richardson
Composer/sound design/performer: Cat Hope
Lighting Designer/operator: Joe Lui
Movement Director: Laura Boynes
Producer: Fiona De Garis

Produced by Performing Lines WA/PICA/Steamworks Arts and supported by WA Department of Culture and the Arts

..The sudden roar, the woman's gesture, the crumpling body, and the cries of the those blurred by fear. this powerful monologue by Hayley Mcelhinney explodes across time and space, her breath amplified, re-sampled, looped, beaten and played around by Cat Hope. With the third repetition of that violent scene that scarred her, what was someone else's story suddenly become real to me... (Sohan Hayes)

Trigger warnings are warnings that the ensuing content contains strong writing or images that may contain potentially upsetting material...They are designed to prevent people who have an extremely strong and damaging emotional response to certain subjects from encountering them unaware.

There's a particular moment when you make a decision to start fighting and shouting and screaming. It's no longer possible for you to stay outside and observe. As contemporary artists and human beings it is not possible...(Natalia Koliada, AD Director of Belarus Free Theatre)

An original hybrid performance work for performer (Hayley McElhinney) composer/musician (Cat Hope) working with Lighting designer/operator Joe Lui challenging us to imagine our 'worst nightmares made real and the experience and psychology of the various 'wars' against women.

Trigger Warning received script development support from Playwriting Australia, Stages WA, PICA & The Australian Cultural Fund. Readings were held in Sydney at Performing Lines and in WA. The Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts selected the work for its 2015 Development program and for their 2016 Performance program. This work has been variously described as: "gutsy, nauseous, disturbing, rich, timely and relevant, a visceral, intensely raw, in-your-face unfiltered poetic".

The project is one of the most productive creative developments we've had here at PICA in recent memory and we're thrilled to see the work realised (Amy Barratt-Lennard, Director PICA)

This work as an intimate, raw & sensory experience with sound & light & voice generated and mixed live.

Trigger Warning grabs you by the collar and *respectfully* demands both your attention and your introspection - Perth Arts Live

The final moments of the play had me sitting on the edge of my seat, ensuring that I did not miss a word that Hayley McElhinney spoke as the lights slowly dimmed behind her. - Australian Stage

Flooded under a single spotlight, with the utmost sincerity, she told us a story of horrific violation in a tone that left me waiting for the punchline all night. It was horrible. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much discomfort, so much revulsion in my life. And I think that’s exactly what director Sally Richardson wanted. I wasn’t meant to leave that theatre feeling warm or safe. From the moment McElhinney walked onto that stage, she had me....and I left that theatre drained and overwhelmed, and that’s exactly what they wanted - Pelican Magazine

Trigger Warning - PICA Development - Excerpt 2 from Steamworks Arts on Vimeo.

..."I'd happily listen to Hayley read the phone book. Her voice is so great, and I thought she was handling the range of techniques and characters so beautifully. I've always loved her work, you are onto a total winner there ....(Libby Klysz)

..."I think you have tapped into the (on-going) bodily experience of trauma, and Cat's work lends itself to working on an audience viscerally as a kind of 'in sympathy' experience." (Astrid Francis)

.."It is an evocative,tense and disruptive piece.."(Marie Rodger)

..."it will help to humanise and personalise the debate about refugees and asylum seekers, a debate which is currently being conducted in Australia in a shameful, inhumane manner....a very powerful script. Congratulations on a fabulous project. It's great to be supporters of it...(Terry Grose & Rosemary Sayer)

This project has been supported by The Australian Cultural Fund, Stages WA, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Performing Lines WA & the WA Department of Culture and the Arts