The Dreamhouse Project

Pinstripe Circus in association with Sally Richardson

Pinstripe Circus with Director/devisor Sally Richardson are undertaking the development of a new circus theatre work DREAMHOUSE. Inspired by unconventional design, imaginative choreography, original scripting, wacky direction, and literally built around an ensemble of high skilled performers. The aim is to develop a delightfully quirky performance work through a unscrupulous and definitely playful combination of elements

Our hopeful vision is for the creation and construction of a physical theatre work that is inspired by the kooky world and culture of street art, circus and performance. Amongst the chaos of home renovation and the dislocation between suburban and urban landscapes, there is a do-it-yourself ethos that is strangely common to both. In this loopy, modern climate change world of rampant consumerism, carbon cop outs, corporate cowboy control of public space, freeways of illusions, documentaries of desires and ever dizzying distractions, we'd like suggest/note/insist that life is not about taking ALL you can get or is it? Are we WRONG?

Meet the Darlings, your average upwardly mobile couple, they want to live the dream of having everything, and that's now! Where the words we need and we want are on the repeat cycle, and finding the right balance is an un-insured seesaw in perpetual motion. A home of some kind is in a process of daily construction and endless improvement, but this home is more than an Ikea instruction book, or an x-box game of mortal combat. As the Lego becomes more complicated, so do the survival stakes!

Join us chanting 'build it, break it, buy it, try it, start it, end it, grow it, show it:', - its DREAMHOUSE logic ' its idiotic' and where a place called HOME only exists in your dreams.

Sampling from the best and worst of popular culture, advertising, game culture, street culture, and everything we find useful. In Dreamhouse anything is ups for grabs and on the front verge, this is consumer jamming , witty, irreverent, dark and meaningful, and even occasionally funny.

An eclectic and frankly odd team of performers from the circus community Nathan Kell, Dawn Pascoe, Ross Vegas and Ella Hetherington will work with director/deviser Sally Richardson, choreographer Claudia Alessi, and vision designer Mia Houlten. International, theatre and spectacle designer Joey Roigruk is assisting and mentoring local designer Jacob McGrath for this development. Additional dramaturgy support from Annie Davey (Circus Oz)

WATCH OUT! - This is new circus theatre that embraces experimentation, improvisation, and risk taking, as any new home owner will tell you, and why not?. We offer a quirky as yet unseen vision of contemporary Australian circus and physical theatre to WA audiences.

Director/Writer: Sally Richardson
Performers: Nathan Kell, Ross Thompson, Ella Hetherington, Claudia Alessi, & Dawn Pascoe
Design Consultant: Joey Ruigrok and Jacob McGrath
Vision Design: Mia Houlten
Sound Design/DJ: Justin Elwin
Lighting Design: Joseph Mercurio
Choreographer: Claudia Alessi
Resident Street Artist: Steve Buckles

Associate Producer: Ella Hetherington
This is a genuinely diverse group, presenting their unique specialist skills for the first time in a production context under one banner, offering the West Australian audience a homegrown contemporary circus experience previously unavailable.

Workshop Development 1 - Nov 2010

Workshop Development 2 - April 2011

Workshop Development 3 - October 17 to November 5, 2011

The project is produced by Racheal Whitworth and supported by Performing Lines WA

This project has received funding support from the WA Government through the Department for Culture and the Arts, and WATDI research funding.

Pinstrie Circus - The Baby Dreamhouse Development