The Explorers Series

An exploration of the Australian cult of the explorer...'to go where no man or wo-man has been before'

'The Explorers Series' sets out to reconsider and re-frame Australian historic 'heroic' archetypes from explorers and bushrangers, through to more contemporary figures of our times.

With this project I am seeking to explore how we as artists and performance makers can interpret and represent the process of de-colonisation in Australia from a contemporary feminist aesthetic. To adopt a modality of 'exploration' to reconsider (even reclaim) our his-stories/her-stories through a hybridity of dance, theatre, performance, sound and film re-framed and embodied by women performance makers through a post-colonial lens.

The concept and themes for this work are part of a personal vision to explore a re-framing of female identity in relationship to Australian colonial and post-colonial theories of power and place. A contemporary Gothic sensibility invades the work allowing us to explore representations of the traumatic, and to 'speak (of) the unspeakable'. I am using as primary source material the multiple readings and representations of selected fictional and non-fictional 'characters' drawn from a range of artists including Patrick White, David Malouf, Sidney Nolan, Leah Shelton, Rosemary Laing, Tracy Moffat, and Fiona Foley. I also directly & in-directly reference other Australian women who have experienced various forms of sexism, misogyny, vilification and trial by media. Fictional and non-fictional candidates here include Eliza Fraser (Fringe of Leaves), Laura Tregonning (VOSS), Lindy Chamberlain, Julia Gillard, Gillian Triggs and Yassmin Abdel-Magied, amongst many others.

The aim is to create a series of works that are intelligent, emotionally engaging and gently satirical, playing with ideas of isolation, invisibility and anonymity....'She' is haunted by things unseen, uncovering Australian colonial (and post-colonial) histories probing for gaps, silences, absences...Drawing on the lives and experiences of women, often anonymous, and giving a voice to the lost, the unseen or those whose story has been distorted and re-constructed by others.
(Sally Richardson, Director)


February 2018 VOSS - MICROMOVE - Summer Nights at the Blue Room Theatre - FRINGEWORLD

An adaptation, reflection and re-framing of the concept of the colonial explorer as he/she is envisioned in the novel Voss (by Patrick White), the opera Voss (Meale/Malouf) & the paintings of Sidney Nolan.

Featuring: Sally Richardson, Daisy Sanders and Joe Lui
Original Music: Joe Lui
Voice over/dramaturgy: Humphrey Bower

May 2018 Flesh and Bones - PICA/pvi collective KISS CLUB

Featuring: Sally Richardson & Daisy Sanders
Original Music: Joe Lui (with Kingsley Reeve)
Vision: Sally Richardson (with Mia Holten)

June 2018 #thatwomanjulia - STRUT Shortcuts Season

Featuring: Natalie Allen
Concept/Direction: Sally Richardson
Choreography: Sally Richardson & Natalie Allen
Sound & Lighting Design: Joe Lui

Presenting as part of NEXT at the MOVE ME Festival, State Theatre Centre of WA, Undergound Space, 19 - 22 September 2018

October 2018 Creative Development - St Georges Cathedral (Septimus & Louisa Burtt residency)

Participating artists: Natalie Allen, Storm Helmore, Jacqui Claus & Daisy Sanders
Direction: Sally Richardson

VOSS in rehearsal 2018 - Photo Gibson Nolte VOSS in rehearsal 2018 - Photo Gibson Nolte VOSS in rehearsal 2018 - Photo Gibson Nolte Flesh & Bones 2018 - Daisy Sanders Flesh & Bones 2018 - Daisy Sanders Flesh & Bones  2018 STRUT Shortcuts 2018 - Natalie Allen Kiss Club 2018, PICA - Sally Richardson Kiss Club 2018, PICA - Daisy Sanders