JULIA in Harvey

JULIA in Harvey

JULIA celebrated the end of its two week Harvey development residency with a presentation to a capacity crowd at the Harvey Town Hall. A moving Welcome to Country led by local elder Lesley Ugle, was followed by a song and dance performance by the Deadly Yorgas. The Karinosa Dance Troupe then performed a sharing and moving reflection of Filipino traditional culture and womens experience through dance.

Our JULIA presentation was introduced by director Sally Richardson and was then performed by the extraordinary Natalie Allen, who had the audience mesmerised from start to finish. The post show Q and A as attended by many and a fantastic sharing and discussion was experienced by those who stayed on. We thank JULIA creative team members who visited Harvey; Joe Paradise Lui, Annika Moses, Sam Chester, Nicole Marrington and associate artist Charlotte Otton.

The evening was a resounding success, and in the words of our host CEO David Marshall;

...It has absolutely been our pleasure and delight to have you all here. I feel we all started out the experience as fellow art sector workers and ended up as friends. Who could ask for anything more than that. Congratulations on the performance on Saturday night. The park was buzzing with comments yesterday from people that were there on Saturday and I know the community conversations will continue for sometime to come. It will forever be a reference point of “Do you remember that night at the Town Hall when JULIA...”

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