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Eliza (2014)

Writer/Director Sally Richardson in collaboration with

Choreographer/performer Shona Erskine

Filmed & Edited by Ashley De Prazer

Composition Melancholy by Philip Glass


VAKA (2020)

Created, directed, filmed & edited & featuring Sally Richardson

Sound composition/production by Rebecca Riggs-Bennett

Produced by Steamworks Arts supported by Fish Factory Creative Arts Centre

Filmed in Stöðvarfjörður, Iceland

*VAKA (to wake, to awaken - Icelandic)

Belonging 歸屬

The Ghost Series (Taipei, Tawan)

Co-created by Sally Richardson and Ashley de Prazer

Sound Design/composition/performance Hsu Yenting and Tristen Parr

Featuring: Cathy Chang, Tina Du, Lihua Huang, Hsiao Tzu-Tien and Chi-Hsuan Lin

Supported by Taipei Artists Village AIR and Asiaink Arts (2015)

Ghost JHIH 鬼‧執

STRUT National Choreographic Centre Seed & MANPAC Moorings Residency (2016)

Featuring: Hisao Tzu-Tien, Yiching Liao, Laura Boynes & Yilin Kong

Sound design/composition Tristen Parr & Hsu Yenting

Vision filmed & edited by Ashley de Prazer

Concept/Direction Sally Richardson

Produced by Steamworks Arts

Standing Bird 2

Concept/ Direction: Sally Richardson in a collaboration with

Choreographer/ performer: Jacqui Claus

Filmed & edited by Ashley de Prazer (dashvisual)

Sound Design/production: Kingsley Reeve

Voice Over: Sally Richardson

There was an occasion when she fell down, scattering skywards a cloud of ashen parrots. She would have continued lying on the ground and perhaps become her true self, once the flesh melts and the skeleton inside is blessed with its final articulate white, amongst the stones, beneath the hard sky, in this country to which it can at last belong...” (Patrick White, Fringe of Leaves)

Filmed on location in Lancelin, Western Australia

Produced by Steamworks Arts/ dashvisual

Feminism has no Borders
Savage Grace 2020
The Explorers
歸屬 GUI SHU (Belong)
Trigger Warning: REPLAY

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