#thatwomanjulia for NEXT at MOVE ME 2018


#thatwomanjulia for NEXT at MOVE ME 2018

Steamworks Arts presents new solo dance/theatre work #thatwomanjulia for Strut's program NEXT at Move Me Festival 2018.

#thatwomanjulia takes as its inspiration the transcripts of the parliamentary record, reportage and public commentary around the political life of Australia's first female Prime Minster, Julia Gillard. This powerful solo work by experienced co-creators Sally Richardson & Natalie Allen is a response to the terrible things we see and hear spoken about and to women in Australia, a response to the appalling sexism, misogyny and violence that is continually directed towards women at all levels of public and private life in this country.

At the Studio Undergound at State Theatre Centre of WA - 19 & 22 September BOOK NOW!

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