Feminism Has No Borders

An International online dance collaboration
00 Nov - 00 Oct - Subiaco Arts Centre
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Edited by Emma Fishwick

Feminism Has No Borders
It begins with a shared online dialogue with the dancer/choreographers, and evolves into an ongoing discussion and an exploration of how COVID-19 has affected us as women artists and creators. 
Each artist in dialogue with their partner has created in their own space a short response to their partner's provocation and their shared exploration. They recorded this material and sent it to each other.
Emma Fishwick (filmmaker) and Director Sally Richardson then shaped and edited this material into a combined duo digital online outcome.
We want to continue working and collaborating with our International partners, friends and colleagues. 
This time has opened us up to a new form of online dialogue about our practice, informing how we work and what we want to express as women artists. It is an exploration of our spaces, places and ways of being. To experience each other and share an aspect of our lives, our feelings, our artistry and our practice in new ways. 
An opportunity to enrich our personal and professional connections while also exploring the medium of online choreographic creation (dance on film) in a uniquely fresh approach. 

Editing the duo works together is a 'new' process, adding another dynamic and creative expression as Emma and Sally collaborate supported by dramaturg Pilar Mata Dupont. Here we see how choreography is further defined and shaped through a combined dramaturgy and editing process.  Perhaps this would normally happen with the artists on the floor, in a studio, face to face and in conversation. Generating in this way, in an online conversation with each other, provides the team with fresh insight into the possibilities of form and how we might present our ideas in new and unexpected ways as we embrace our future. 
There is the immediate capacity to connect to each other and share our creative outcomes in diverse contexts. Each work representing the continuing desire we have to reach out to each other from our isolation and connect in friendship, in process and practice.
Perhaps, we might later develop the works into a live performance (with the video content re-configured as part of a combined work) - the possibilities will open up for us as we explore and experience creating...alone and together.

Creative Team:

concept/direction: Sally Richardson (Aus/Perth) with co-creator/editor: Emma Fishwick (Aus/Perth)

choreographer & performers working in partnership:

Sam Chester (Aus/Perth)/ Isabel Sanchez (Spain, Madrid)

Natalie Allen (Aus/Perth)/ Keren Rosenberg (Amsterdam/The Netherlands)

Daisy Sanders (Aus/Perth)/ Aki Iwamoto (Brussels/Japan)

Yilin Kong (Aus/Melbourne)/ Hsiao Tzu-Tien (Taipei,Taiwan)

Consultant dramaturg: Pilar Mata Dupont (Amsterdam/The Netherlands)


In development June - November 2020

World Premiere - Perth Festival 2021 (in situ and online)


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