00 Nov - 00 Oct - Subiaco Arts Centre
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MUSE is subject, source, essence, elusive, intangible, both presence and absence. A searching, a seeking for something that is always beyond our grasp – what have I been searching for but never found? 

I hear the music, I feel the music, I play the music, I become the music..

MUSE is both a physical and imaginative journey. Various locations can be the stage upon which are set images, symbols and artefacts…a ‘museum of ideas and memories’ float in the mind and space. The viewer is invited to traverse these spaces, looking inward and outward, wrestling with the “intangible labyrinth, the architecture of the soul.” (Deborah Warner)

The familiar is recognised, made new, other, potentially unfamiliar. The space inhabits us, possesses us, knows us, remembers us.

Creative Team:

Writer/Director: Sally Richardson

For Situ8:

Performer/co-creators: Jacqui Claus, Lilly King and Simon Wood

Composer/performer: David Stewart

Costume: Rebecca Patterson

Lighting: Chris Donnolly

Set Design: Ish Marrington


Situ8 (STRUT Dance & Tura New Music) STCWA 2020


This project has been supported by STRUT National Choreographic Centre & TURA New Music

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Director Sally Richardson responds to the emptiness and darkness that shrouded the theatre during the pandemic – she invites you to pull up a cushion in a cozy, intimate and kind space and the artists feed off of the energy of an audience – they outline their art in chalk and map out the lines of their muse in the air and with their instruments. It’s visually stunning and utterly memorable (Fourth wall Media)

In Muse director Sally Richardson adorns the basement with rickety cages, bric-a-brac,even old children’s toys (a teddy bear sits comfortingly on a faded deckchair) is, at its heart, a musty, rather dated art form. Its joys and pleasures are akin to the curios and prompts to memory which one finds in childhood attics, basements, abandoned prop rooms and wicker touring baskets. Muse especially evokes this sense of theatre as a space of reverie and dream, of something about the past; something borrowed and something new, all at once (Seesaw Magazine)

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Anthony Tran/David Stewart (for Situ8)


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