Perth Festival World Premiere

Screenshot by Emma Fishwick

Perth Festival World Premiere

We are delighted to announce that online contemporary dance project Feminism Has No Borders will have its world premiere at the 2021 Perth Festival. The four short works will be showing in situ at The Blue Room Theatre Studio space from 23-27 February.

Created during COVID-19 lockdown in our various countries, the individual solo online material has been shaped and edited into duo works by local collaborating artists Emma Fishwick and Sally Richardson with support from dramaturg Pilar Mata Dupont. The works will be launched online in February.

Choreographer/performers Natalie Allen/Keren Rosenberg, Aki Iwamoto/Daisy Sanders, Samantha Chester/Isabel Sanchez, Yilin Kong/Hsio-Tzu Tien are from Australia, Tawian,The Netherlands, Spain and Japan.

Shown on a single screen in loop format entry is FREE

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