Feminism has no Borders underway

Aki Iwamoto

Feminism has no Borders underway

Feminsim has no Borders online dance project is now underway.

Steamworks Director invites eight dancers who have collaborated with each other previously to create duo works together in this exciting new project. Each Australian artist is paired with an international collaborator to develop short responses to provocations they offer each other. Meeting together on Zoom the all female group shared their experiences of COVID_19, lockdown and how this has shifted their current practice. The partners will develop material, record it and send it to the dramaturgical team of Director Sally Richardson and film/performance maker Emma Fishwick. The two will edit these works together creating four short online duos.

Sally notes that, "we are excited to be exploring new ways of working over this time, to consider how we develop work through online collaboration, and the role of digital editing in terms of our practice and process. Who knows what we will create from this experience?"

The teams are: Natalie Allen (Aus) and Keren Rosenberg (Amsterdam), Hsiao-Tzu-Tien (Taiwan) and Yilin Kong (Aus), Isabel Sanchez (Spain) and Sam Chester (Aus) and Aki Iwamoto(Japan) and Daisy Sanders (Aus).

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Feminism has no Borders underway
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