JULIA a Tour-de-Force!

JULIA a Tour-de-Force!

JULIA opened its premiere season at STCWA to rave reviews, standing ovations and enthusiastic responses from audiences.

Fantastic!...What a ripper! (Michael Whaites)

..so exhilarating to see great theatre...an extraordinary powerful work (Philip Mitchell)

...do yourself a favour and quickly get tickets to this ball-busting, cinematic, breath-taking peice of theatre...this was absolute DYNAMITE (Lucy Wong)

Such a powerful performance. Congratulations.! (Brenna Day)

JULIA is a show of our times. An unforgettable, thought-provoking experience..it takes a powerful shot at sexism, discrimination and violence. (Aine Whelan)

Totally mesmerising, humbling and passionate performance by Natalie Allen created with the incredible Sally Richardson...a MUST SEE! (Sarah Giambazi)

Allen is a tour-de-force! (Limelight Magazine)

...with Allen less than a metre from my chair, I can see her suit quivering as she executes every step with precision, walking the boundary of the stage whilst precariously balancing the mountain of papers. Every movement is measured, focused and the command Allen has over her body is incredible....Richardson notes that the body can tell stories differently, highlighting how, unlike other creative mediums, dance can communicate what misogyny feels like. It’s a powerful statement and one that does not fall on deaf ears, thanks to the fiercely dedicated, dynamic duo of Allen and Richardson - Get your tickets while you still can! (Grok Magazine)

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