VOSS: Flesh and Bones

An exploration of the Australian cult of the explorer

To reconsider and re-frame Australian historic 'heroic' archetypes from explorers and bushrangers.

With this project I am exploring how we can interpret and represent the process of de-colonisation in Australia from a contemporary feminist aesthetic. To adopt a modality of 'exploration' to reconsider (even reclaim) our his-stories/her-stories through a hybridity of dance, theatre, performance, sound and film re-framed and embodied by women performance makers through a post-colonial lens.

The concept and themes for this work are part of a personal vision to explore a re-framing of female identity in relationship to Australian colonial and post-colonial theories of power and place. A contemporary Gothic sensibility invades the work allowing us to explore representations of the traumatic, and to 'speak (of) the unspeakable'. I am using as source material the multiple readings and representations of selected fictional and non-fictional 'characters' drawn from a range of artists including Patrick White, David Malouf, Sidney Nolan, Leah Shelton, Rosemary Laing, Tracy Moffat, and Fiona Foley. I also directly & in-directly reference Australian women who have experienced various forms of sexism, misogyny, vilification and trial by media. Fictional and non-fictional candidates here include Eliza Fraser (Fringe of Leaves), Laura Tregonning (VOSS), Lindy Chamberlain, amongst many others.

An exploration of isolation, invisibility and anonymity....haunted by things unseen, uncovering Australian colonial (and post-colonial) histories probing for gaps, silences, absences...Drawing on the lives and experiences of women, often anonymous, and giving a voice to the lost, the unseen or those whose story has been distorted and re-constructed by others.

Creative Team:


  • MICROMOVE - Summer Nights at the Blue Room Theatre - FRINGEWORLD 2018
  • PICA/pvi collective KISS CLUB 2018
  • Development - St Georges Cathedral (Septimus & Louisa Burtt residency) 2018


Image / Video Credits:

Images: Gibson Nolte, Sally Richardson, David Cox Media

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